Aniridia Conference 2022 and aniridia families meeting

The next European Aniridia Conference will take place from June 3 to 5, 2021 in San Juan de Alicante.

Simultaneously, a meeting of families and people with aniridia 2022 will be held.

Official poster Sixth European Aniridia Conference.Last August the 5th European Aniridia Conference took place, organized by the aniridia association in the United Kingdom, Aniridia Network, and with the collaboration of Aniridia Europe and Moorfields Hospital in London.

After being forced to suspend the event in 2020, it finally took place this summer online. Dozens of professionals and patients gathered to attend the various scheduled talks.

The next one will maintain its year of celebration and will take place June 3 (mostly for patients), 4 and 5, 2022 in San Juan de Alicante, specifically in the San Juan Complex.

In parallel, the Association’s Annual Meeting of families and young people with aniridia will be held together with the European Meeting of patients with aniridia.

The members of the AEA and their families will be able to enjoy 2 days full of activities and workshops. This meeting, as every year, will be free for members of the entity.

More information coming soon.

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